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Team dA koRe

[EU] LFP Greetings, we're dA koRe and we're looking for a 5th player for the upcoming esea season and beyond. Here's a bit more about us kript (2400 elo) - AWP + IGL. Close to 10k hours experience LAN & Online. PTXD (2200 elo) - Talented Anchor. Spiiiddoni (2100 elo) - Careless Entry. Popsy - (2600 elo) - Ruthless Aggro Rifler. ozzo - 1.6 veteran. Ex BlueJays Coach. We have our own server & discord, a few mates as stand ins so we keep going even when one person may not be able to 1 day and have been playing as a core for a few months, winning a faceit tournament recently. Our main maps are Ancient Anubis Nuke Inferno (4th) We usually play 18 - 23 CET almost every day and our goal is to get as good as possible and climb ESEA. - FACEIT Team Page What we are looking for LVL 10+ Some Team Experience. Willingness to learn, take feedback and give feedback. Can play within the schedule we have. If it sounds interesting don't hesitate to add me on discord (kriptcs)

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