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Team Post

[EU] Apply to Death By Vodka's CSGO organisation LEM+ LVL6 Faceit+ 18+

We are a newly started organisation looking to play with like minded players. What I will try to provide in the future when we have more players: Apply to Death By Vodka's community Here ( Where you'll find a close-knit family of mostly SMFC and Global players, allowing you to queue and rankup together to play FACEIT, MM or ESEA games. Games and Lobbies are active throughout the day (Starting from scratch, so this is what I will work towards) ( Our requirements to join are LEM+ and 18+. Many of our players have improved dramatically when playing with us, to continue this trend all we require of you is proper communcation, game sense, a friendly attitude and being open to constructive criticism. In our dedicated chatrooms, setup a match, have fun, bring your strongest meme game, share your best tips, request technical support and more! We hold weekly 10 mans (internal 5v5 with Death By Vodka's members) including a Leaderboard! There isn't a day where we aren't active. Death By Vodka Original is not a team but we want our members to improve their game and be active. Members are also expected to be mature and non-toxic. My steam:

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