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Tranquility Gaming
Entry Fragger

Tranquility Gaming is excited to announce that we are currently recruiting dedicated and passionate players to join our Counter-Strike 2 roster. We are looking for individuals who are committed to competitive gaming, have a positive attitude, and are ready to work as part of a team to achieve our goals. Available Positions: Entry Fragger: Aggressive and fearless, the entry fragger is responsible for breaking through enemy defenses and creating opportunities for the team. In-Game Leader (IGL): The strategic mind of the team, the IGL will lead our team with clear communication and tactical prowess. Support: The backbone of the team, providing necessary utility, assistance, and ensuring the team’s strategies are executed smoothly. AWPer: Precision and accuracy are key for this role. The AWPer will be our primary sniper, taking out high-value targets and providing critical map control. Lurker: The sneaky and patient player who disrupts the enemy from unexpected angles, creating opportunities and gathering valuable information. Requirements: Minimum of 2000 hours experience in Counter-Strike (CS /CS2). - Ability to commit to regular practice sessions and team meetings. - Strong communication skills and the ability to work well in a team environment. - Willingness to learn, adapt, and grow with the team. What We Offer: - A supportive and organized team environment. - Opportunities to participate in tournaments and leagues. - Coaching and development. - A platform to showcase your skills and advance in the competitive scene. If you are interested in joining Tranquility Gaming and believe you have what it takes to fill one of these roles, please reach out to us.

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