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HUGE Vertigo Changes, Rent Skins, and Molotov Fixes

May 24, 2024
10 min read

Major Changes in Vertigo

The A site on Vertigo has received substantial updates that will alter gameplay dynamics significantly:

  • New Doorway Space: A newly added gap doorway provides additional flanking opportunities, allowing players to approach CT areas more aggressively.
  • Connector Door Closed: Previously open, this door is now closed, adding a new layer of defensive complexity.
  • New Catwalk: A new catwalk leading to sandbags offers innovative defensive and tactical positioning.
  • Size and Timing Adjustments: Modifications to the size of A site and spawn timings are expected to influence new smoke strategies and overall gameplay tactics.

These changes necessitate strategic adaptation, with potential for new and creative approaches to controlling and attacking A site.

Incendiary and Molotov Updates

These essential grenades have received crucial updates:

  • Price Reduction: The cost has been lowered from $600 to $500, making these grenades more accessible.
  • Visual and Spread Changes: New blue visual effects, reduced spread, shorter duration, and lower height enhance their tactical utility.
  • T-Side Molotov: Similar updates apply, ensuring a balanced approach for both T and CT sides.

These adjustments improve the tactical use of these grenades, encouraging more precise and strategic deployment.

Weapon and Economy Adjustments

Key updates to weapons and the in-game economy include:

  • M4A4 Price Reduction: The price has been decreased from $3,100 to $3,000, likely boosting its popularity over the M4A1-S.
  • T-Side Economy Adjustment: The planting bonus has been reduced from $800 to $600, significantly impacting second-round buys and providing a more balanced gameplay experience.

These changes aim to balance the economy, making force buys less potent and helping CTs manage second-round challenges more effectively.

Skin Rentals: A New Feature

An experimental new feature allows players to rent skins:

  • Rent Skins: With the Kilowatt case, players can now rent 17 skins for 7 days.
  • Rental Restrictions: Rented skins cannot be modified, traded, or sold.
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This feature offers a cost-effective way for players to try out different skins without a full purchase commitment, adding a new dimension to customization.

Fun and Whimsical Updates

In a lighter vein:

  • Chickens: They can now navigate uphill with amusing new animations, adding a touch of fun to the game.

Detailed Analysis

Vertigo Changes: Enhancing Tactical Play

The changes to Vertigo are poised to revolutionize how players approach the map. The new gap doorway allows for more aggressive flanking, which will require teams to rethink their defensive strategies. The closed connector door adds a new choke point, making it harder for attackers to push through. The new catwalk provides additional defensive positions, allowing players to control more of the map.

Adjustments to the size of A site and spawn timings will likely lead to new smoke and flashbang tactics. These changes ensure that every round on Vertigo feels fresh and challenging, as players must constantly adapt to the evolving gameplay landscape.

Incendiary and Molotov Updates: Tactical Enhancements

Reducing the price of incendiary grenades from $600 to $500 makes them more viable in early rounds. This change encourages more frequent use of incendiaries, enhancing tactical play and area denial strategies. The updated visual effects, reduced spread, and shorter duration of the flames make these grenades more precise tools, allowing players to use them more effectively.

Weapon and Economy Changes: Balancing the Game

The price reduction for the M4A4 makes it a more competitive choice compared to the M4A1-S. This adjustment diversifies gameplay and strategies, as players experiment with different loadouts. The reduction in the planting bonus from $800 to $600 addresses the imbalance caused by strong T-side buys in the second round, providing a more level playing field.

Skin Rentals: Expanding Customization Options

The introduction of skin rentals with the Kilowatt case allows players to try out skins without a full purchase commitment. This feature is experimental but could expand to all cases in the future. While rented skins cannot be modified, traded, or sold, this system provides an affordable way for players to enjoy different skins, enhancing the overall customization experience.

Fun Update: Chickens

The ability for chickens to go uphill adds a whimsical element to the game, providing light-hearted moments amidst intense gameplay. These new animations are a fun addition, reminding players that there's always room for humor in gaming.


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