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New CS2 Update: The Real MVP

June 25, 2024
10 min to read

CS2 fans, brace yourselves! There's an exciting new update titled "The Real MVP" that brings a plethora of new content, including the first community maps, changes to competitive matchmaking, UI updates, and new video settings. Here's a detailed breakdown of what's new in the latest update.

New Community Maps

Since the launch of CS2, community map makers have been hard at work creating new experiences and updating some classics. The latest update introduces the first batch of community maps to CS2:

  • Thera
  • Mills
  • Momento
  • Assembly
  • Pool Day

Wingman Maps: Momento and Assembly

Momento and Assembly are exclusively available in Wingman mode.

  • Momento: Based on an Italian wedding, this map is larger than Assembly and boasts beautiful details reminiscent of classic maps like Tuscan. The atmosphere, complete with indoor chairs and a wedding cake, makes for a unique and visually pleasing gameplay experience.
  • Assembly: This map is set inside an airport, featuring a small, detailed layout ideal for Wingman mode. It evokes memories of the old 747 map from the 1.6 and older editions of CS. The intricate design and nostalgic feel make it a standout addition.

Arms Race Map: Pool Day

Pool Day is available in Arms Race mode. This map is an instant classic, bringing back memories of the 1.6 era and featuring a unique Easter egg: a switch that reverts the map back to its original 1.6 version. It's a delightful throwback for vintage players and a fun addition to the current game.

Competitive, Casual, and Deathmatch Maps: Thera and Mills

Thera and Mills can be played in competitive, casual, or deathmatch modes.

  • Thera: This map has a colorful, unique layout that might remind players of maps from CS: Source. It's vibrant and offers a fresh experience, despite some players finding it reminiscent of older maps.
  • Mills: Possibly inspired by CPL Mill, this map has a clean design with many open areas. It has the potential to be added to the active duty map pool due to its balanced layout and competitive viability.

Competitive Matchmaking Overhaul

Competitive matchmaking has seen significant changes. Previously, players needed 10 wins per map to earn a rank. Now, only two wins are required, making the ranking process more accessible and less time-consuming.

UI Updates

Several UI updates have been made to enhance the player experience:

  • Updated MVP Panel: The MVP panel has been updated across all game modes.
  • Animated MVP Panels: All-new animated MVP panels have been added to Premier matches.
  • New MVP Conditions: Several new MVP conditions have been introduced, and prior MVP rules have been adjusted.

Video Settings Changes

Numerous video settings have been updated to improve performance and user experience:

  • Settings Recommendations: Popups now appear if your display's refresh rate is set below its maximum or if NVIDIA G-Sync support is detected but not enabled. It's generally recommended to use the highest refresh rate and enable G-Sync if your system supports it.
  • G-Sync and V-Sync: If G-Sync is enabled but V-Sync and/or NVIDIA Reflex are not, a popup will recommend enabling all three for the best performance. This combination will limit your frame rate to your display's refresh rate or slightly lower, providing the smoothest visuals and lowest input latency.
  • Removed Settings: The "Main Menu Background Scenery" and "Item Inspect Background Scenery" settings have been removed from the Video Settings page but are still available on the Main Menu and in Item Inspect screens.
  • Refresh Rate Display: The "Refresh Rate" setting now shows your display's current refresh rate in Windowed and Fullscreen Windowed modes.
  • Frame Pacing Section: A new "Frame Pacing" section has been added to the Advanced Video settings page, including:
    • NVIDIA G-Sync Status: Indicates if G-Sync is active with your current display settings. This may be hidden if using the Vulkan renderer or a non-NVIDIA graphics card.
    • Maximum FPS Sliders: Sliders for "Maximum FPS In Game" and "Maximum FPS In Menus" control the fps_max and fps_max_ui convars, respectively.
    • Default Menu FPS Increase: The default "Maximum FPS In Menus" has been increased from 120 FPS to 200 FPS.
    • In-Game FPS Preview: The Advanced Video visual preview now uses the "In Game" maximum FPS instead of the "In Menus" maximum.

Map Adjustments

Minor changes and fixes have been made to various maps:

  • Nuke: Fixed C4 stuck spots.
  • Ancient: Fixed C4 stuck spots, holes in the world, and non-solids causing problems.
  • Vertigo: Fixed C4 stuck spots and clipping issues.
  • Anubis: Fixed grenade collision and clipping issues.

Community Reactions

The Global Offensive community on Reddit has mixed feelings about the update. Some users expressed disappointment over the lack of a new operation, while others appreciate the new maps and changes. Former G2 coach, Swani, voiced their frustration, echoing the sentiment of wanting more substantial updates.


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